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Grow Free From Shackles

"You're already free from shackles. You carry the key around your neck..." -Joanna Oliver

Presented by Joanna Oliver

Hi, my name is Joanna Oliver and I have a rich and diverse professional and educational background, in a range of sectors including universities, charities, parent support groups, social care and therapeutic communities, underpinned by a degree in Advertising, Media and Marketing, a Masters degree in Therapeutic Child Care and a Masters degree in Education. As a lecturer, I taught on a BA (hons) programme in Counselling, Coaching and Mentoring (amongst others) and I also hold professional qualifications in vocational assessment, supervision and FE teaching. I have developed a range of therapeutic mentoring programmes, mainly related to personal and professional growth and development, including Grow Free From Shackles, Grow Your Colours, Working with What’s in Your Hands and Ditching the Clock.  Each of these are intended to help participants to grow in their authenticity, drawing on inner resources that are often hidden under layers created in life, through fear, through expectations from others and sometimes as a means to survive and navigate the challenges that life presents. Choose the programme that best meets you where you are now and enjoy a life that reflects your true self.

Based around the SHACKLES acronym, the GFFS programme provides a safe space to explore who you are, what influences your inner world and to identify the blockages that are preventing you from walking your divine path.  This six week programme offers a life overhaul, through a gently guided therapeutic and empowering process of self-awareness and delayering, as you uncover revelations from perhaps hidden depths of your innermost self. All participants will be given a Pdf Handout of all GFFS slides.

Through this Programme you will learn:

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The fee for this 6 week Programme is £300*


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