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“Just wanted to say how fantastic it is, to work with you. I am so excited as I journey into the next phase of my ideas with you. Thank you.” (GJ)

“Hey Friends, Joanna’s editing services is the real thing!!! Jo has added value to my reports which resulted in an increase of contract work for me…more money ££.” (JR)

Hey Jo, was meaning to contact you just to say a BIG “Thank you” for the confidence you instilled in me and many more of your students.  I just received my post grad qualification in career guidance.” (M A-R)

“I think of you so much and each time I can hear some of the things you say to me. I really thank God each day that we met.” (GJ)

“You have been an influential blessing in my life.” (DS)

“We are very happy with what you have provided and will definitely be using your services again.”(AY)

“Yes, this is good. Thanks. I like the feel and vibe of this webcopy. Excellent job.” (GO)

“Hi Joanna. Love your work. Thank you!” (AP)

“It was great working with you.  Your proof reading was very thorough.” (WD)

“Speak to Joanna Oliver. She’s exemplary.” (DJS)

“Thanks again for agreeing to edit these teen workbooks. I do appreciate your high quality and commitment to service. We have previously worked together and I totally trust your judgement, therefore, I am happy for you to make changes wherever required instead of providing me with a suggestion.” (JR)

“Examiners have approved my Doctoral thesis… No corrections. Thank you for editing.” (M.AS)

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