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Consultachameleon offer a range of training sessions, which can be adapted to your specific needs, as standalone sessions, or as an aspect of a bespoke development package.

The list here is not exhaustive, just a taster!

For Individuals/Professionals:

  • Working with families

  • Working with adolescents

  • Approaches to change in work with others

  • Building self esteem and confidence in others

  • Working with Groups

  • Developing Presentation and Training skills

  • Working with those who have been abused

  • Working with disordered attachment patterns

  • Grow Free From Shackles

  • Grow Your Colours

  • Working with what’s in your hands

  • Goal Setting and planning for change


For Organisations and small businesses:

  • Managing Change

  • Building your Company Brand

  • Developing a system for Supervision and Performance Management

  • Successful Tender Submissions and Funding Bids

  • Strategic Business Planning

  • Strategic Marketing Planning

  • Developing your in-house learning and development programme

  • Goal Setting and planning for change

  • Developing your Theory of Change

  • Gaining clarity about Vision, Mission and USP

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