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Consultachameleon offer a range of services designed to help you to gain clarity and grow your professional colours.  The Chameleon can lead the way via consultation, walk alongside via a hybrid/ mentorship approach or a more active role, taking on full responsibility for required tasks.

We work with you to strengthen the necessary aspects of your life, so you can flourish in your personal and professional life.

Consultachameleon here for your complimentary session to explore the process of identifying, planning for and accomplishing your GOALS.

Our approach is person-centred, so services are designed to meet your expressed needs, either via one of or a combination of, the following:

If you have business growth needs not listed here, speak to us anyway! Our diverse professional background, means that we can confidently respond to most requests.


Consultachameleon for clarity and focus in defining and achieving your vision. Investing in your business foundation, helps to grow a healthy and aligned business, with a culture that reflects your vision, mission and ethos.


How many ideas are ditched because there is no one to take in the role of managing them?  Consultachameleon to ensure that vision becomes reality, with clear outcomes and objectives and reported evaluation and impact assessment, meaning that the project contributes to future business/service development.


Time invested in stakeholder engagement can prove invaluable when developing your evidence base and ensuring joined-up working, an essential component in most business cases and funding bids.


Book group training in any of the subjects listed here or email to discuss bespoke sessions that meet your requirements. Training can be delivered in house for your team or group, or you can join an open session, when advertised.


For professional supervision, offering independence from line management dynamics,  Consultachameleon today. Supervision can be provided for individuals or groups. If an aspect of your professional development relates to academia, Consultachamelon is ideally placed to provide supervision in helping you to achieve your very best grades.


Handbooks, policies and procedures, online learning programmes, statement of purpose, strategic plans, marketing plans, ebooks…you name it, we can produce it.


Want to be an author but do not have the time, inclination or skills set to write your book? We can do it for you! Maybe you have run webinars, or have other materials that you want converting to a book. A book can establish you as an authority figure, can introduce people to other services and can be a fantastic marketing tool. Speak to us today.


Being able to submit tenders, compile business cases or bid for funding, can make a significant difference to the growth and visibility of your business. Exceptionally high success rate.

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Bringing together coaching and mentoring skills, alongside a wealth of marketing expertise, the Chameleon can help you to grow a congruent brand that reflects you, your gifts and the needs of your audience. This can be long or short-arm and may include social media strategy and implementation. Access a Complimentary session to discuss if Consultachameleon can help you. Also visit this Facebook page, focused on Heart-Flow Business Growth


Ensuring that the voices of your clients are centralised is key to developing person-centred services. Consultachameleon to conduct research that supports your strategic business planning.


You may be clear about where you are headed and need mentoring to oil the wheels of your journey. Consultachameleon to access mentoring.  ‘Grow Your Colours’ and ‘Grow Free From Shackles’ are two co-ordinated mentoring packages, although are not prescriptive essentials.


With a Masters degree in psychodynamic and therapeutic approaches, the Chameleon can help you to strip back the layers that have formed, to embrace the now, whilst acknowledging the role the past plays in forming it. Invest in you today and heal yourself. If you are a group, Therapeutic Intervention is also offered on a group basis.


Many people have a strong message but do not express their message in written word, sometimes because this is not where their own gift lies. The Chameleon is a wordsmith and a typo-fiend and can produce copy for most things, including blogs, articles, websites, advertisements, editorials, emails and so on. 

For everything copy, visit the Facebook page here.


Want to move your manuscript to publishing ready? Want to improve your CV, business plan, blog or article. Consultachameleon to  discuss rates and timescales.

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